The HelioLiver™ Test
A multi-analyte blood test combining cell-free DNA (cfDNA) methylation patterns and protein tumor markers.
The HelioLiver™ Test
A Breakthrough in Liver Cancer Testing

The HelioLiver Test is a novel, blood-based technique to detect specific markers in DNA that indicate higher likelihood of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). HelioLiver requires only a simple blood draw that can be conducted during the same provider visit, instead of needing to schedule an additional appointment.

HelioLiver can help detect HCC earlier, allowing patients access to more curative treatment options and improve outcomes overall.

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Patient-Friendly Results
A one-page report indicates either abnormal or normal findings, allowing providers to quickly determine the next step of care
What does it Mean?
May indicate HCC was detected in the sample
What's the next step?

Follow provider guidelines to follow up with additional
diagnostic imaging

What does it Mean?
Indicates a low likelihood of HCC in the sample
What's the next step?

Continued surveillance every 3-6 months, depending on
provider guidance

How it Works
Ordering the HelioLiver test is simple and straightforward
Order Test

Providers can directly
order tests online or by
paper TRF

Collect Sample

Use the materials in our
test kit for a single blood

Ship it back

A return shipping label
included in our test kit

Wait for Analysis

Our average turnaround
time is 7-10 days for complete

Get your report

Uploaded directly to our
provider portal for easy

Driving Patient Adherence

Routine surveillance is critical for patients to catch cancer early before it spreads. We partner with physicians to help ensure patients maintain the recommended schedule for liver cancer testing.

Testing intervals for HCC surveillance are based on a balance between the tumor doubling time and the cost of the surveillance test. Guidelines recommend patients at high risk for HCC, such as cirrhosis, hereditary hemochromatosis, or chronic hepatitis B infection (even without cirrhosis), undergo surveillance every 6 months

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FAQ for Providers

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